Atlanta Hair Restoration: Overview

Many in Atlanta aspire to retain their youthful looks, which includes a full head of hair. Despite all efforts, hair loss is sometimes certain. Hair thins, volume decreases and hairlines recede. Options available for the best Atlanta hair restoration methods vary. For those who opt for surgical hair restoration, some methods include:

  • Follicular unit transplant 
  • Follicular unit extraction 

Hair Restoration Options for Atlanta

Follicular unit transplant (FUT) is currently used by more surgeons. An strip is taken from the patient’s head, either the back or sides. This piece is then split into smaller grafts. It is a more invasive procedure than follicular unit extraction (FUE). It leaves the patient with a very prominent scar and your head kind of looks like Dr. Frankenstein has been working on his latest experiment. The procedure itself does not always give the best outcomes. A botched surgery where the scalp looks very unnatural is not as uncommon as you might think.

FUE Atlanta hair restoration surgery is gaining in popularity. FUE entails the extraction of individual follicular units, leaving nearly invisible scarring. Though less invasive, FUE takes more time than FUT. The procedure is also more advanced than FUT, so surgeons need to have more skill and precision as they create a hairline that fits each each patient. FUE is actually more successful than FUT and many patients who have had a failed FUT procedure will have a FUE procedure to correct the botched surgery. FUE has also been successfully used on burn victims and accident victims as well.

Body to head transplant (BHT) is similar to FUE in the method of extraction. However, BHT expands the donor source by using hair not limited to head. When using BHT the doctor will decide which area of the body has hair that will fit well in the development of your new hairline on your head. They have used hair from various parts of the body such as the leg, arm, beard and nape of the neck to name a few. BHT has allowed for many more people to now have access to a natural looking head of hair. It has even been successfully used with men with a Norwood Scale of 7.


Atlanta hair restoration surgery is available using FUE (left) and FUT (right). BHT is a more advanced method of FUE that uses non-head hair a donor source.

Options Other Than Hair Restoration Surgery

Many people will say there are various products out there that will conceal hair loss. These include medications like propecia and rogaine. Both of which stop the spread of hair loss and may grow hair in the crown area but do not grow hair along the hairline. Hair pieces and spray on hair filaments like Toppik are susceptible to weather such as rain and wind, not to mention sweat from exercise or sports. The real problem with these options is that they really are only temporary solutions to a problem that needs a permanent fix. Hair restoration procedures such as FUE and BHT are the only successful permanent hair loss treatments.